How I Use My Write the Word Journal

How I Use My Write the Word Journal // Creative at Heart #cultivatewhatmatters #quiettime #journaling #writetheword #intentionalmamatime
How I Use My Write the Word Journal // Creative at Heart #cultivatewhatmatters #quiettime #journaling #writetheword #intentionalmamatime


Honesty Hour: I’m terrible with my quiet time. 

I love Jesus – there’s no denying that. And I know the importance of time spent in the Word, cultivating a life closer to Him. It’s just the DOING that’s hard. 

Over the years I have constantly felt convicted to do BETTER with my quiet time — I’ve tried apps, various devotionals and mixing of the rhythm of my day for when the quiet time takes place.

It’s never stuck.

I’m also bad at journaling – over the years, I’ve tried my hand at multiple journals, and used to pick up a diary for a few weeks here & there growing up. (I even tried a Promptly journal with Micah thinking maybe the significance of the topic would help… it didn’t & it currently sits with just a few pages written in it.)

I tend to roll my eyes at journal prompts because while I understand the motivation behind the task, the actual act of journaling was just like my quiet time routine – non-existent. 

Until 2 years ago. 

2 years ago, I bought my first Write the Word journal. I love everything Cultivate What Matters does, so when I found his beautiful product, I quickly added it to my cart.

Logically, you’d think it would have been a terrible product for me to purchase — I’m awful with consistent quiet time and I’m terrible at journaling. WHY should I buy a journal FOR quiet time?! 


Yet this journal has changed my entire morning routine – giving me the space to write thoughts, prayers & words of thanksgiving while ALSO prompting me to be IN His Word daily. 


I’m currently on my 4th journal and because I now see how this rhythm has stuck in my life, I want to share it with you! 



The Write the Word journal is laid out very simply — 


  • One Page with a scripture reference with space to “write the word”
  • Space to write what you’re grateful for
  • Space to write a word of the day 
  • One Page with blank lines to journal whatever you’d like 


There’s a few reasons why I think this style of journal + quiet time has worked for me:


It’s quick yet intentional. I don’t have to worry about not having 1 or 2 hours to spend. Sure, I could spend an hour but in reality it’s a 10-20 minute exercise. 


It’s time IN THE WORD. ← this is vital. So many times we grab a devo and while it might be good words, it’s not HIS Word. I wanted to be actively reading HIS words to me, and having a daily passage to write allows me to do MORE than read – I’m intentionally dwelling on the Word by writing it down. 


The blank journal page. I usually write the scripture passage first, then spend some time on the blank page. Some days it’s a list of prayer requests, some days it’s thoughts on the scripture and some days it’s a prayer written out for Jesus. I love the freedom to write whatever additional words are on my heart! It’s been just enough journaling for my previous anti-journal-self! 


The simple prompts. I’ve come to enjoy answering “today I’m grateful for” and “my word for the day”. The act of practicing gratitude daily is so good, and through my journaling time I can usually see an overarching theme which I usually use as my word of the day. (And in some seasons, I look back and have the same word for weeks at a time!) 


It’s beautifully done. I love the gold foil detailing, the various colors of the journals and the simplicitic layout! I also love the themes and have done Joy, Renewal and Prayer; I am currently doing Confidence, and have Worship next on my list! (Have kids? They have a Write the Word for Kids! I hope to snag these for Micah & Mae when they get older!) 



Putting it into action – how have I been able to make this a part of my everyday routine?


Keep the journal in a location you can easily access. I keep the journal inside of my Bible in a basket beside the couch. My favorite pen stays with it, too. When I get up in the morning & grab my first cup of coffee, I can easily reach for it & get to writing. 


Find a good time & stick to it. Mornings are best for me; I’m tired in the evenings & it’s harder for me to concentrate. Early morning when the house is quiet & my coffee is hot is ideal. 😉 But I’ll even pull out my journal at the kitchen table while Micah’s eating breakfast. Because this journal is short yet intentional, I can do it with him around, too. (I also love that it visibly shows him his Mama in the Word. That’s powerful.) 


Make it a priority. This journal doesn’t have magical powers – as much as I love it & believe it’s helped me increase my quiet times over the last 2 years, I have to be dedicated to making it happen. You do, too. Commit to it & see what happens! 


Pick a journal theme that speaks to you. I love the themes and am very particular about the theme I pick. The gorgeous colors don’t hurt either! 😉 The scripture being dedicated to a particular theme has been good for my heart, and allowed me to focus on what Jesus has to tell me about that area of my life. Pick a theme that speaks to you the most so you’re more inclined to spend the time studying it. 


Click here to take a look at the Write the Word collection from Cultivate What Matters! Grab one for yourself, and a friend (they make really wonderful gifts!)! 


Like what you see? They also have a beautiful Legacy Journal and a small yet sweet Little by Little Journal (it’s currently sitting on my desk, and I’m excited to start implementing it soon!)!


I hope this product helps increase your time with Jesus! He’s waiting.



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How I Use My Write the Word Journal // Creative at Heart #cultivatewhatmatters #quiettime #journaling #writetheword #intentionalmamatime



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