Happy 4th Anniversary, Matt!


Today is our 4 year wedding anniversary!!

I still remember our wedding day like it was yesterday – every moment, every person, every detail.

I know it’s cliche to look back on your wedding day and call it “perfect” but it really was.

Sure, there were hiccups & some things didn’t go as planned… but it was our WEDDING DAY and those imperfections made it all the more perfect.

I tell my Dear Sweetheart Events brides that wedding day is the first day of the rest of their lives, and I believe that more now than ever. Over the last 4 years, we’ve had quite a few adventures… starting 3 businesses, buying a house, renovating part of the house, buying 2 vehicles, traveling all over the country (& out of country), hosting community group for church, having Matt take on a larger role in the business and so much more!

I would be so bold to say that Year 3-4 has been the hardest year of my life… and yet our marriage is stronger than ever. I think that’s the biggest eye-opening blessing about marriage. It’s a team, a partnership … and when the going gets tough, you stick by each other & pull each other up.

We’ve learned the team “for better, for worse” really does hold true & I refuse to let the “for worse” feelings ruin our anniversary today. While I thought we’d have a baby at this point … a way to help celebrate a new chapter of our life & marriage … we don’t. And I can’t change that.

I don’t want to spend the day thinking about “what if” so I’m choosing to focus on “what IS”. This man besides me has given me more in 4 years than anyone ever could, and we’re building a life of JOY even in the trials. And for that, I am so grateful!

Happy 4 Year Anniversary, Matt! Forever & ever babe.

xo! kat


Photography by Katelyn James /// Flowers by Amanda Veronee

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