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Creating Workflows & Systems that Work for You

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Coffee Chats with Kat is a weekly, live webinar series featuring business tips, heartfelt conversation and live Q&A. Every week will feature a different topic, as well as a variety of industry leaders! This week we’re talking about creating workflows & systems that work for you!


Are you drowning in your work? Wondering if you can ever get ahead of the game?

It all comes down to the workflow in your business, and in this week’s Coffee Chat I’m bringing on workflow expert, Laura Neff of Laura Lee Creative, to talk in detail about what to include (and not include) in your business workflow. We’ll share a behind the scenes look at our own workflow and talk through the 12 essentials every workflow must include!!



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To catch this week’s Coffee Chat with Kat, watch the replay below!!

(And don’t forget to save your seat to the next Coffee Chat with Kat: How to Use Pinterest for Business with Vanessa Kynes)


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