Brands That Book Podcast Feature // Kat Schmoyer


Brands That Book Podcast Feature: Increasing Your Bottom Line by Diversifying Your Offerings

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Let’s face it, increasing your bottom line is always on the to-do list of an entrepreneur!


When Davey asked me to jump in on his podcast, Brands That Book, I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough … and when he asked me to share about what it’s been like to build multiple businesses and multiple revenue streams for each business I knew it was a match made in heaven!!


Brands That Book Podcast // Increasing Your Bottom Line by Diversifying Your Offerings (+ video training) // Kat Schmoyer #business #education #creative #entrepreneur


Davey & his wife Krista have been friends with my husband and I for a few years now. I first met Krista when I asked her to speak at the very first Creative at Heart Conference in 2015. Since then, our friendship has grown and so has our working relationship! It’s always so much fun to get together with them and you can imagine that we talk about everything from business strategy to crazy stories about our boys (who are just a few weeks apart!)!


In this podcast episode:

  • I share what it’s been like to work full-time with my husband
  • How I jumped head-first into small business life with my first company, Dear Sweetheart Events
  • And what I attribute so much of my initial business growth too (hint: it might not be what you think!)


If you’re looking to diversify your own business offerings, click below to watch! And let me know what you think!:)





xo! kat

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