How To Simultaneously Work ON Your Biz & IN Your Biz


Coffee Chats with Kat is a weekly, live webinar series featuring business tips, heartfelt conversation and live Q&A. Every week will feature a different topic, as well as a variety of industry leaders!

This week’s Coffee Chat is featuring two guest experts…my friends & website designers Kelly & Andra of With Grace & Gold. I’ve invited Kelly & Andra to join me for a heart-to-heart on how they successfully run a multi-facet business that not only pays both of their salaries but also allows them the freedom to dream big, set strong goals each quarter and see their business GROW (while also maintaining current clients & responsibilities!!)!​

We’ll be answering questions like:

—> ​How do I determine WHAT to do when I already have SO MUCH to do?

—> Why does it look like everyone online has a new project or course or launch coming up, and I’m over here just drowning in the day-to-day?

—> How can I actually GROW my business while still maintaining what’s already on my plate?

—> and more!

How to simultaneously work on your business & in your business // Kat Schmoyer Education #creative #entrepreneur #business #smallbusiness

To catch this week’s Coffee Chat with Kat, watch the replay below!!

(And don’t forget to save your seat to next week’s Coffee Chat with Kat: Why the Instagram Algorithm Doesn’t Cramp My Style with Megan Martin)



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