Why every wedding planner should style a photographer's workshop shoot - Kat Schmoyer

Why every wedding planner should style a photographer’s workshop shoot

Now, before all the photographers get a little annoyed – I am by NO MEANS saying that you are not capable of styling your workshop shoot!!!! I know photographers with INCREDIBLE planning and design skills who LOVE to play the role of planner during styled shoots!!!! This post is written towards planners, not photographers – keep reading to hear more:)


I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it, styling shoots for photography workshops is one of my favorite things to do! But I don’t think I’ve ever explained WHY!!! I’m getting to play a small part in a photographer’s workshop experience, and I think there’s so much value to that!!

I think EVERY wedding planner should style at least ONE photography workshop shoot because …

I daresay that I learned 75% of what I know about the wedding industry, small business ownership and being a leader from photographers. I get so excited when I’m asked to participate in photography workshops because I have learned A LOT about being a business woman and entrepreneur from photographers. For years, I read blogs like Abby’sKatelyn’s, Natalie’s, Mary’s and Annamarie’s!! I poured over their posts about lighting, posing and workflow even though they didn’t directly relate to what I wanted to do. I have NEVER had a desire to be a photographer, ha! I have ALWAYS (or at least for the past decade) had a desire to be a planner. I was drawn to their blogs because they were FREELY GIVING incredible content that was so VITAL to small business growth!! There are NOT a lot of industries that do that!!! Because of their leadership, my motto is: there ARE no secrets!! I want to share and freely give just like they have done!!

As a planner, it’s SO IMPORTANT for us to understand ALL of the industries. We are facilitating vendors the day-of the wedding, therefore I need and want to know how they think! I challenge myself to think ahead & create timelines that work well for the photographer, videographer, DJ and everyone else involved. I also want to be on my toes the weekend-of so that I can foresee their needs and meet them head-on! I challenge myself to THINK LIKE the other vendors so that I can meet their needs quickly and efficiently. Styling shoots for photographers allows me to not only see the wedding from their eyes, but it gives me ample opportunity to be a “fly on the wall” and hear the content being given!! I’m beyond grateful for the photographers who’ve asked me to play a small role in their workshops and can’t wait to do a few more this fall:)

What do you think?! Have you styled a shoot for a photographer? 

xo! kat

Image by Love by Serena 

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