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How to Talk Business with your Spouse (When you’re not a Husband/Wife Team)

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Coffee Chats with Kat is a weekly, live webinar series featuring business tips, heartfelt conversation and live Q&A. Every week will feature a different topic, as well as a variety of industry leaders!

Talking with your spouse about your creative business can sometimes feel exhausting. It’s hard to explain an industry that is so unique to someone who just doesn’t work in it like we do!

Rather than shying away from talking with your spouse about business, it’s time we figure out constructive ways we CAN talk about business! I’ve asked my business friend & marriage enthusiast Adrienne Rolon to join me for this week’s coffee chat as we do just that!


How to talk business with your spouse (when you're not a husband / wife team) with Adrienne Rolon // Kat Schmoyer Education #creative #business #entrepreneur #husbandwifeteam #spouse #education


To catch this week’s Coffee Chat with Kat, watch the replay below!!

(And don’t forget to save your seat to next week’s Coffee Chat with Kat: How to Put Yourself Out There to Educate & Speak with Jessica Rasdall)


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