Our little boy is two months old!!! I feel like this is the month he went from newborn to BABY and it’s crazy the changes that are happening so quickly!!!!

This month was filled with his first holiday (July 4th!), his first time meeting his cousins, his first play date an so much more!!! My FAVORITE first was seeing his SMILE!!!! Just a few days into his second month (July 2), Micah gave me the SWEETEST smile and my heart burst!!! There’s been a few other highlights of Month 2 I want to remember forever:

The Stats:

Length: 22.5”

Head Circumference: 15.5”

Weight: 8.8 pounds (our micro man!)


Highlights / Things I Want To Remember About Month One:


  • Micah began sleeping at night on his own this month and it’s been such a blessing!!! I no longer have to hold him all night long which means I get a bit more sleep, too! He sleeps in his dockatot wrapped in his Halo Swaddle like a champ!!
  • He’s also giving me one 4-6 hour stretch each night!! Yay! This means I’ve been able to wake up in the middle of that stretch to pump & therefore build up a small freezer stash of milk. It might sounds silly to be grateful for still having to wake up, but I love knowing I have some milk on hand for him in the freezer!!!
  • He is still a terrible napper, but we did figure out just how much he loves the swing!!! He catnaps after feedings, but isn’t good about truly sleeping unless he’s in this swing (or we’re in the car!). We’re definitely thankful we purchased it on Black Friday last year!!!
  • He still loves his Boppy Lounger, but he’s getting so long & squirmy in it I don’t think it’ll last much longer!! I’m afraid he’s going to squirm right out of it!! He also loves to just lay on his back on his changing table or activity mat!
  • He had his first business Google Hangout and FaceTime this month!!! He met his other tiny friend, Jack, and our sweet friends Katelyn, Michael & Evy (and their nephew, Micah!). He’s also popped in when I’m chatting with other friends if it’s time for his next meal! 😉
  • He LOVES bath time!!! We used his bathtub for the first time this month and it was SO cute to see him in it!!!! He has a walrus hooded towel we’ve affectionately named “Wally” and we love not only seeing Micah so happy in the bath, but seeing him all wrapped up in Wally afterward!!
  • We’ve read him his first few books this month & I think we like it more then him, ha! But we’re hoping to cultivate a love for reading!!! So far he’s heard Oh The Places You’ll Go, Little Blue Truck & The Pout-Pout Fish.
  • For his first month, we were supplementing 3 ounces of formula per day; this month we’ve been able to take him off of the formula and he’s continued to have the same slow by steady weight gain! He’s definitely a tiny guy, but he’s so cheerful & happy!!!
  • When we took him off of the formula, we were treated to some pretty phenomenal diaper blowouts!!! I can’t tell you how many clothes Matt’s washed in sinks this month!!
  • Speaking of blowouts, he traveled with me to his first conference (Wedding Wire World) and right before my talk he puked all down the front of me & during my talk, he had one of the worst blowouts he’s ever had!!!! All I can say is “poor Matt”!! ha!
  • At 7 weeks he graduated out of newborn clothes & into 0-3 and 3 Month outfits. I was both so proud yet so sad!! There’s still a few of his 3 Month that don’t fit well (he’s slender so he doesn’t fill out some of his outfits just yet) but it’s been fun to use more the outfits I bought or we were gifted before he was born!
  • Micah LOVES music!! When we need to calm him down, if swinging doesn’t work then he likes to sit back-to-tummy with Matt in the recliner listening to tunes!
  • He still hates tummy time, so we’re trying to work on that with him!!
  • He loves being worn in the Solly or Baby Ktan wrap; I wear him around the house to help him sleep or with his gas pains. And we’ve also taken him out in the stroller a few times and he seems to like it, too!
  • He has a turtle we’ve loving named “Happy” and he smiles so much at him! Happy is bright and cheerful and, you guessed it, very “happy” looking! We use it on car trips & it’s been great!
  • He’s still not taking a paci very well. We *think* we found one that will work but we’ll see how this next month goes!!
  • I left Micah for an extended period of time twice this month – once for a Taylor Swift Concert and once for a wedding. While Micah does take a bottle really well, he finds a lot of comfort in nursing so when I’m not there to nurse him he’s harder to settle & get to sleep. (A big reason why we’d like him to take a paci!) Matt has been SO amazing with him when I’m gone … I can only imagine what it’s like with a screaming baby for 12 hours!!!
  • He’s found his voice and I LOVE hearing baby coo’s in our home!!!
  • This month he met his 2 older cousins (5 & 3), his great aunt and more aunts & uncles!! It’s been such a blessing to see him with our family!!!!
  • His eyes are still blue but ashier then they were before. His hair is also more sandy blonde than strawberry blonde now.
  • I mentioned before that the smiled for the first time this month (which was SO sweet to see!!)!! Along with smiling, he’s also perfected the “pout”!! He’s honestly just SO expressive with EVERY emotion … I wonder where he gets that from?! 🙂
  • We still can’t figure out who he looks like!! Some people say he has my smile, but then we’ve heard from others he has Matt’s! My mom says he has Matt’s eyes & my nose; when I look at him I actually see more features of my brother than anyone else!! Guess we’ll see as he keeps growing who he starts to resemble more!!


Here are a few pictures from his 2 month photo op!!! My goal is to take monthly pictures with this dog-dog in his nursery! I take these on my iPhone so don’t judge the quality too closely!;) Some are crooked & might even be a little blurry but I’ve decided I don’t care!!! My goal is to document our sweet boy monthly even if they aren’t award winning photos!!!:)

(If you’d like more iPhone pics of our month with him, you can see our family account on instagram here!!)


xo! kat

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