The Creative Speaker Podcast Feature: Building An Irresistible Conference Community



One of the questions I get asked all the time is just how I built the Creative at Heart Conference brand. I always struggle to answer because it’s a loaded question and not one I can answer in a few sentences!!


When Jessica asked me to jump on her podcast, The Creative Speaker, to talk about this very thing, I couldn’t say no!! I loved talking with her about the beginning of the Creative at Heart brand, and how we’ve built scarcity, urgency & community with every single launch!!



The Creative Speaker Podcast by Jessica Rasdall // Episode 20 with Kat Schmoyer


The Creative Speaker Podcast by Jessica Rasdall // Episode 20 with Kat Schmoyer #creative #podcast
The Creative Speaker Podcast by Jessica Rasdall // Episode 20 with Kat Schmoyer #business #podcast


Jessica and I connected last year on instagram, and then she attended C@H Round 7 as a breakout leader. She is such a source of encouragement to me, and I love her teaching strategy when it comes to educating in the industry. If you’re looking to add “speaker” to your resume and hope to begin educating in the industry, she is my go-to resource!! She teaches practical ways to craft your own signature talk, how to pitch yourself so you’re actually heard and what you can start doing right now to be seen as an “educator” in the industry!!


In this podcast episode:

  • I open up about how & why I started Creative at Heart Conference
  • Why I think the brand grew so quickly (and what I had to do to keep up!)
  • How to build brand awareness QUICKLY (it’s easier than you think!!)
  • Why the speaker selection process will make or break your event (and what you can do to select brand-worthy educators!)


If you’re thinking about launching a conference or workshop, hoping to uplevel your current one OR just interested to hear more behind the scenes of Creative at Heart, click below to listen!! And please let me know what you think!:)


Click HERE to see the show notes!  //  Click HERE to listen on iTunes! 


xo! kat

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