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Micah Asher, Three Months

Our micro man turned three months old last week and in true newborn-mom fashion, I’m a little late with the blog post!!! Oops!:) The month of August held so many firsts for our sweet boy!!! And honestly I feel like the past 3 months are already running together – I can’t imagine looking back when he’s 1 year old or 12 years old!!!!

The Stats: 

We haven’t been back to the pediatrician for length & head but at the three month mark he weighed 10 pounds 2 ounces!! Still our micro man but gaining slow & steady & mama is proud! 🙂

Highlights / Things I Want To Remember About Month Three:

  • Our boy is SUCH a smiler!!!!! So many friends on IG comment on how happy he is … and while we’ve absolutely seen his pout, he really does give smiles easily & freely … which is the sweetest thing!!!
  • He LOVES his activity mat!!! He can sit for an hour or two and just stare at all the “friends” we’ve hung down off of it!! We’ve literally hung every toy we possibly can off of it, haha!!
  • He’s still wearing some 3 month and 0-3 size, but I’ve also begun putting him in some 3-6 month sizes. I’ve heard from friends that they can hit a growth spurt at any point and I don’t want to risk not getting to use some of his cute outfits!!!
  • We took Micah on his first flight this month and he did GREAT!! Honestly security was the worst part because we had so much stuff; he slept the entire way down to FL and was awake & happy for the trip home.
  • He hung out with Matt at a workshop I hosted with my friend Megan, and y’all I was so proud!! He hardly fussed the entire time we were there! I was teaching and would take short breaks during the day to nurse him & everyone commented on how good he was being!!:)
  • I laugh when I re-read Month Two and how great Micah was sleeping then. Unfortunately that is NOT the case now!! About half way through this month, he began waking up every 2 hours. I wasn’t sure if it was the 4 month sleep regression early or a growth spurt. He IS getting better now but not giving me as long of stretches that he used to. Right after he hit the 3 month mark, we bought a sleep training guide so I’m sure I’ll share more about that & how it’s going in his 4 month post!!
  • I had to leave Micah overnight for a wedding right after he turned 3 months old … I cried when I left him and Micah cried half the night I was gone (poor Matt!)! Fortunately I don’t have to leave him overnight again!!!
  • Micah is SO good at holding his head up and LOVES to look around and see the world. We’ve also noticed he loves staring at the TV lights!
  • We still rotate between the Halo Swaddle and Love to Dream. He’s busted out of the Halo a few times but I do think he sleeps better on nights when he DOESN’T break free. Yet the Love to Dream gives him access to his hands and we’re trying to help him find ways to self soothe.
  • He still doesn’t love a paci and really only takes it when I’m wearing him.
  • He’s become a very drool-y baby!! He’s constantly sucking his hands – fingers and thumb – and drooling all over his outfits! I’ve started putting bandana bibs on him because (a) they’re a cute boy accessory and (b) they help keep the drool off of his clothes!
  • He’s “talking” so much now and it’s one of my favorite things to hear him coo-ing and chatting with his toys!!!:)


Here are a few pics from our 3 month photo op!!! For more pictures of him and our family, visit our family instagram account here!!!:)

and because he finally *kinda* fit into these overalls from his Aunt Emily that I LOVE, I had to snap a few in them, too!!!:)


xo!! kat



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