How to Create Consistent Content

How to Create Consistent Content

How to Create Consistent Content
How to Create Consistent Content
How to Create Consistent Content

It’s time for you to create a content calendar you can actually keep up with! Today I’m going to share 5 of my best tips for you so that you can feel confident and know how to maintain a realistic content calendar all month long!

I’ve also got a brand new Content Planning Bundle in my shop, so if you’re looking for tips, resources, and how to make it actually happen week in and week out, you need to check it out! Let’s jump in now to talk about those 5 quick & easy tips for how to make your content plan…

5 Tips for Content Planning

1. Keep it Realistic!

I have worked with so many creative entrepreneurs who come to me and want to create a consistent content calendar but they’ve had too many ideas thrown at them for how that happens (like posting x times a week on Reels, being told not to waste time on blogs, etc.). It can feel REALLY overwhelming to figure how what that plan would look like!! Get rid of the noise and figure out: What is realistic for you?

Is creating core content every other week good for you? Something you want once/month? Once/week? What’s good for you? For some people, every week isn’t realistic & last week I showed you how to reuse just TWO pieces of core content a month can mean you can reuse that and put out content every single day. Do what works for you.

My suggestion: Post at least twice/month. Every other week with brand new content for your audience is going to be the most helpful in the long term, but be realistic with what’s on your plate and what you can and cannot do!

2. Have a workflow for your content

You will not be able to consistently create content without a system. I use Trello for my workflow system.

How to Create Consistent Content

I have everything that I need & my team needs on this card so we can see our complete workflows for our video to go live — AND the blog, the Pin graphics, the Instagram Story, the Reel, etc. It’s all here in my workflow. (Ps: This template is included in the Content Planning Bundle!!)

And listen, if you’re a solopreneur, you need to have a checklist, too. It’s a simpler way of saying workflow — that can sound intense. But think about it like a checklist and write down the steps it takes for you to write the blog, produce the podcast, create that Reel, etc. Have a list so that you can keep up with all the things on your plate! It’ll help you get it all out of your head and also it will help you get to the point where you are ready to outsource!

3. Start to delegate

Having that system in place already will help you be able to manage the realistic schedule that you can. I’m able to put out the content I do because I delegate. I know what I need to do & then I can pass it off.

If you’re not at that point where delegation is possible, think about the realistic plan for what it takes you to do it & have your systems in place so that eventually it feels possible for you to actually delegate.

4. Batch create

I love batching! What this means is putting all of the tasks that are similar together. For YouTube, I have one day/month where I film and do all things related to YouTube. I film in the mornings and then I do the rest of YouTube workflow that is for me that afternoon. I don’t have to sit down and stress out about it every single week!

Can you create batch times on your calendar? For example, you’d pick a day and set aside the afternoon for Instagram scheduling. (This is key for solopreneurs by the way!!) Think about the marketing that you’re doing, plan out what you’ll need, and then batch that work so that you’re really able to get in the zone, get the content done, and not worry about it the rest of the month.

5. Make sure that you actually love the content you’re creating!

Make it fun!! If you don’t think you’re going to like doing YouTube videos, then you probably shouldn’t do YouTube!! Ask yourself: Is this fun for me? Do I like this?

If so, do more of those things. Choose the platforms that are really fun for you & make sure that the content you’re sharing is the content you enjoy talking about. Yes, be strategic and create content that your audience wants you to create, but also… create content that you want to create. Do things that are joy-filled & fun for you and it won’t feel like work to produce it all!!


There you go – my Top 5 Tips on creating content. I hope this is helpful as you are think about your own biz! I want you to feel confident, motivated & empowered to have a consistent content calendar that you can keep up with. And if you want more, don’t forget to check out my new Content Calendar Bundle in the shop that gives you the tools & how-to’s of how to make content happen!!


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