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Miscarriage, Mompreneur, Personal

This week marks 21 weeks pregnant with our sweet little boy. It’s still very, very surreal for me to BE pregnant, let alone be half way through the pregnancy. As much as I’ve waited & prayed & wanted this baby so desperately, I think a small part of me thought that this would never come. […]

My Thoughts On Pregnancy After Miscarriage

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Miscarriage, Personal

What a strange post to write and yet here I am writing it anyway. How different our life would be if I was, in fact, delivering a baby today. Loss makes you think of those things – the “what-ifs” , “could have beens” and “should have beens“. After our first miscarriage I experienced so many […]

On What Would Have Been My Due Date: Our Second Pregnancy

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Miscarriage, Personal

I haven’t shared openly about our journey for a family in a few months (For those new around here, you can read what I have shared here). And while I didn’t intentionally stay silent, I also didn’t have a ton new to say or share. But I knew when I first shared about our journey […]

The “New Normal” (plus National Infertility Awareness Week)

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Miscarriage, Personal

I debating on even publicly acknowledging today, and while I know I’m not required to do or feel anything – there’s no “right” thing to do & everyone handles it differently – it seemed stranger to not acknowledge than it did to acknowledge. So here I am. Flying 40,000 in the air, traveling home the […]

On what would have been my due date: Our First Pregnancy

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BLOG, Miscarriage, Personal

Oh, man. This is a hard conversation – for both parties. I have had this happen in the best of ways & in the worst of ways, and thought it might be helpful to share some insight on what IS helpful. (If you would like to read more on our journey to start a family, you […]

How to Tell a Miscarried Mama that You’re Expecting

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BLOG, Contentment Challenge, Miscarriage, Personal

In 2014, during my first full year in business, I took part in the Contentment Challenge. I was first introduced to the idea of the challenge in April of 2013 by Nancy Ray (you can read her blog post here). It took me 9 months to decide that I would actually do the Contentment Challenge. As […]

The Contentment Challenge 2017

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