BTS: See My Q2 Content Plan - Kat Schmoyer
BTS: See My Q2 Content Plan

BTS: See My Q2 Content Plan

BTS: See my Q2 Content Plan
BTS: See my Q2 Content Plan
BTS: See my Q2 Content Plan

I love thinking strategically about what a content calendar could look like so today I’m going to show you exactly how I’m planning out Q2. I’m taking you BTS to show you how I plan my content – not only for myself but for my multi six-figure clients!

First things first: I use Trello to organize my content calendar. I’m going to include some screenshots below of my personal calendar and I have a board that I use as a template. It’s all part of my new Content Planning Bundle — if you find yourself wanting to access my system and get everything in place for your own biz in a way that feels strategic and helpful, you’re going to want to check that out! This exact template is inside the Bundle.

Content Planning Bundle

Also, as far as content goes, YouTube is my main hub of content. The very first thing that I want to do when I’m prepping my content is think about YouTube. I have a schedule on my Trello Board that tells me my schedule of when content is going live where each month.

BTS: See my Q2 Plan!

How I plan my content

Create a list for each month

You can see here that I’m going to create a list for April. Everything for that month will be laid out here so that I can know what’s coming and keep it all in one place.

BTS: Plan Q2 with me!


First, I put a goal for what is the purpose for the content of that month. This helps me to be laser-focused and to avoid disco-ball syndrome. I’ll be honest, I’m an idea girl!! Even though I don’t consider myself a visionary, I do have a lot of content that I’m creating for you & I don’t want to get too distracted by every new idea. SO by putting a goal at the top of my content calendar I can remember: this is the focus of April, then May & June.

BTS: See my Q2 Content Plan!

This is specifically helpful if you’re stepping into a launch like hosting a webinar or opening up seats to mastermind/coaching or even if you want to really be pushing wedding clients to book you that month or whatever is going on in your biz. Keep that goal here so you remember as you’re prepping content.

My goal this month is to talk a lot about the fact that I have a brand new content in the shop around content planning so I want a lot of my April content to point back to the new product in my shop this month.


Next, I’m going to add in my launches. This is something new I’ve been doing and it’s a game changer!

Last week I talked all about how I planned out the month of April as a whole and I take a look at what projects are going on personally and in my biz in all the different areas and I used to have everything scattered everywhere. I love using Trello for this now because I have everything in one spot. I add my launches in here so that if whatever it is I’m talking about in my specific YouTube content isn’t directly related to my launch, I want to be sure that I’m priming my audience for that elsewhere.

Add in details

Next, it’s time to add in the nitty gritty.

Personally, I know that I am focusing on YouTube and my YouTube content goes live on Thursdays. When a YouTube goes live on Thursdays, I also have a blog go live as well. I’ve found that my audience responds well to the option of watching the video or reading the blog. So both the video and the blog go live and then my email goes out on Thursdays to tell them there’s new content they can watch or read. And I also promote on my Stories as well. Seeing all of this in one spot keeps me streamlined and focused!

As I plan this all out, I’m aware that I have a product launch, shop sale, Mastermind, AND I know I want to talk about content planning, so what does that look like? What content can I give to my audience that can point them to my content planning product and center my content around that?

BTS: See my Q2 Content Plan!

Because I have my workflow already mapped out with every single step on it, I’m actually going to just copy one of my other cards and rename it. On every single card we have every single thing that we need to do – for myself and my team. And again, this is why I love using Trello, because I can map out my content AND mobilize my team all in one spot! And if you don’t have a team, the workflow will still work well for you so that you don’t forget ANY of the moving pieces for your content.

Rinse & repeat for the other months

Once I have all the April cards done, I’m asking: What is May going to look like? What is June is going to look like? And then just repeating the same process as above.

Pro tip: I do like to leave 1-2 blank spots each quarter! I don’t want you to feel like when you map out a quarterly plan for your content you have to have every single one permanently written in at the start of the quarter. If you have some wiggle room or a few blank slots, it can give yourself the space to see what you are feeling to write about when the time comes AND the option to see what your audience is needing or doing! Those black slots can give you the flexibility you need to continue to serve your audience.

Q2 content planning is done!!

I hope it was helpful to go BTS and see my process for how I am mapping out content for the quarter!

Remember to ask yourself: What will make the most sense for my content for my business now?

And also, if you are interested in these templates, or want to know more about how to plan content in general, be sure to take a look at the Content Planning Bundle! I can’t wait to see all you’re planning!!


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