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In this post I want to share something a little different with you!! I could talk all day about how much the KS Agency can do for you in your digital business, but I know it’s helpful to hear from our clients directly!! So, I invited some of our clients to share what it’s really like to bring on the KS Team. Ready to hear what they REALLY think!?

“I’ve been working with the KS Agency for over three years now and working with the KS Agency is like having the queen of systems and organization step into your business and transform the way that you do launches. I literally don’t know what I did without Kat and her team and I cannot believe the results that I’ve seen in my launches as a result of having them help me to execute things in my business that I used to piecemeal together by myself. Now we have systems in place that are game changers for me!”
Hope Taylor, Hope Taylor Photography

“I’ve been working with the KS Agency for nine months. Working with the KS Agency is like a warm hug from your best friend on a tough day.
Courtney Wolf, Educate | Empower | Encourage

“I’ve been working with the KS Agency for close to a year now and working with the KS Agency has been a breath of fresh air with the way that they are able to take projects and ideas off of my plate – even out of my head sometimes! I can’t see the forest through the trees. So when I’m able to jump on a call with Kat and my project manager, Samantha, I am able to share all my ideas and all these things that I have going on in my head (but really not sure how I’m going to bring them to life!) and they take those ideas, they run with them, they create super detailed plans of how we’re actually going to execute it, and how all the moving pieces are going to come to place. It has been amazing.

It’s been so helpful for me as a business owner who really has the big vision and doesn’t always see how all of those pieces are going to come together and the KS Agency really does that! It has been such an amazing experience working with them – I could not do it without them and I will continue to recommend them and to work with them to help my business to continue to grow!! I can’t thank Kat, Samantha, the KS Agency, and all of the people enough who helped bring all of my visions (and all of the other visions from the clients that they have!) to life so that they can stay in their zone of genius. The KS Agency can handle all of the things behind the scenes and you would be remiss if you don’t reach out to them and start pursuing working with them because your life and your business will thank you for it.”
Aubree Malick

“I have been working with Kat for going on 4 years now. Working with Kt has just been a dream. It’s been amazing because I have been able to really sit in the Visionary seat, in my zone of genius, and I get to think of all the new ideas and big dreams and then Kat and the KS Team just make it happen. It has been absolutely amazing and a game changer for scaling my business.”
Rebecca Rice, Rebecca Rice Photography

“We’ve been working with the KS Agency for over a year now. Working with the KS Agency is like having an entire team of incredibly talented professionals come into your business and work alongside you to bring your ideas to life. Our business would not be where it is today without having the KS Agency as a part of our team.”
Jon Hayes, Erica + Jon Photography

“I’m a Time Management Coach and host of It’s About Time, a podcast sharing stories and strategies to inspire better work life balance. I’ve been working with the KS Team for almost a year now and I can’t imagine life without them. It’s like having a full team of talented skilled implementers without the headache of managing a huge team of people! I really feel like I’m multiplying my time because I’m able to share my vision for our project and Kat and her team take it from there and make it happen. I’m so excited about what’s next for the It’s About Time Academy in its ability to equip women to manage their time with purpose and intention… ll because I’ve got the KS Team on my side helping me make it a reality.”
Anna Dearmon Kornick

“I’m a baby sleep consultant and a mother of 4 and I worked with the KS Agency for about 3 months. Working with the KS Agency I felt like I was working with my best friends. It was a group of women who were supporting me the entire way through. They wanted to bring my vision to life, they heard my concerns, they heard my goals, and they made it come to life. It was honestly… magical.

Ever since I hired the KS Agency, my monthly revenue has tripled!! My email funnels are so automated that I don’t even have to think about it. Somehow after hiring them, I have more time for myself, more time for my kids, more time for my life in general, because they set everything up so beautifully and so automated for me that I don’t really have to think about it anymore. So by working less, I am still generating more revenue because of the way the KS Agency set everything up for me. I used to get three to four people in my email funnels every day and now I get 30 to 50 people in my email funnels every day and they’re all converting. It’s amazing! I am so grateful. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, hiring the KS Agency will truly be the best thing that you will ever do. I am so grateful for them. I tell everybody about them and I just cannot recommend them enough.”
Jessalyn Romney, The Sleep Fairy Way


Are any of these results the results you are looking for?

Here at the KS Agency we want you to stay in your zone of genius creating all the ideas and we’ll take over the to do list.

Whether you’re ready to apply today to work with our team or you’re ready to stretch your Integrator muscle and keep listening to the podcast in order to Think Like an Integrator, I’m so glad you’re here.

I can’t wait to hear from you!!

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