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Weekend Wrap-Up: A Weekend Off

This might be the most boring weekend wrap-up post to date… but, friends, it was a pretty amazing weekend!

I cleaned the house, drank lots of chai tea, watched multiple episodes of The Office with Matt, went to church on Sunday, had friends over for dinner and even had a chance to work on quite a few “back end” things for the conference.

I’m telling you, it was pretty incredible.

I’ve realized that as much as I love “going going going”, I am NOT the energizer bunny… weekend spent cleaning and refreshing are exactly what my hearts needs. While I know I won’t get too many of them once wedding season kicks off, I’m really looking forward to enjoying them while I can:)

So, I’m sorry for the most boring Weekend Wrap-Up of all time, but sometimes boring is pretty spectacular. To give pretty picture & a sneak peek at tomorrow’s blog post, check out this stunning image by Andrea Pesce Photography …


See ya tomorrow, friends!

xo! kat

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  1. ashley link says:

    Sometimes those are the best weekends! I got to clean my room and work on Tax stuff. Even organized my “office” space some too! Wish I had one more day though. I need a nap! 😉