Coffee Chats with Kat is a weekly, live webinar series featuring business tips, heartfelt conversation and live Q&A. Every week will feature a different topic, as well as a variety of industry leaders! This week we’re talking all about tax prep!


Tax season may be over, but I’m betting many of you felt the stress of prepping all the documents needed to file! Even if you hired an amazing CPA, you’re still responsible for getting the documents & details over to them… and is your tax prep process really all that organized?

I’ve asked my very own CPA, Amy Northard, to join me for this week’s Coffee Chat where we’ll talk through things you can do right now to start prepping for next year’s tax season! It’s time to get organized & stop stressing whenever April 17 rolls around!!



How to Prep for Taxes with Amy Northard CPA // Kat Schmoyer Education #taxes #taxprep #cpa #smallbusiness #education




To catch this week’s Coffee Chat with Kat, watch the replay below!!

(And don’t forget to save your seat to the next Coffee Chat with Kat: How to Nurture Your Email List – When You’re Product-Based with Rachel Allene)


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