Black Friday Product Sale: A BTS Look at Planning for a 5-figure Sale

Black Friday Product Sale: A BTS Look at Planning for a 5-figure Sale

Black Friday Product Sale: A BTS Look at Planning for a 5-figure Sale
Black Friday Product Sale: A BTS Look at Planning for a 5-figure Sale
Black Friday Product Sale: A BTS Look at Planning for a 5-figure Sale

Black Friday prep is in FULL SWING over here and I want to take you behind the scenes today to show you EXACTLY how I project plan out a 5-figure Black Friday Product Sale!! (Of course we’re using Trello which you know I love!!!)

This is one my Integration Agency clients who I work very closely with and I work with her inside her digital project business. She is phenomenal and I’m so excited to show you how I lay out a project plan for her Black Friday Product Sale! So if you’re hoping to launch a sale this year (aka you’re looking to put these tips into practice today!!) OR you’re thinking ahead to next year or another Shop Sale you may have coming up, this will be really helpful to get you started.

As a reminder, I work with DIGITAL product business owners (online courses, memberships, resources guides, etc.) so if you work with physical products this may not be as helpful for you. We’re going to use several different programs and moving pieces but I organize them all on my Trello Board which is what I’m breaking down today.

I’m going to open book show you card-by-card how we’re keeping all the details together card by card — here’s a screenshot for you to refer to!

Black Friday Product Sale: A BTS Look at Planning for a 5-figure Sale

Important Dates

Over here on the left, my very first list is my Important Dates list. This will help anyone who’s associated with the board, jumping in to look on things, etc. know what’s happening when it comes to launch dates, log ins, brand photos, and anything else they need.

Notice I have a Success Standard card — this is your measuring stick, your goals and guide of Good/Better/Best. How is your sale measuring up when it comes to that measuring stick? After sale you can ask: How did we do? Did we hit our goals? Why or why not? What happened during the sale that contributed to that? I highly recommend setting these goals ahead of time so you actually know how successful everything was & you can make changes or capitalize on this sale moving forward.

Product Creation To-do’s

Notice that on this client’s board, we’re working on launching new products for her during the Sale! If you’re also in product creation mode, you may be working on creating new products while getting the launch ready. You. may have some product creation to-do’s on top of the actual launch to-do’s and you need to keep them organized in one place. Use a Product Creation To-do list. Here, I have cards with easy links for her Canva thumbnails for Shopify & Kajabi (for the actual product visual). I also include deliverable page links there to keep those straight.

Then this is where we get into the nitty gritty of product creation. We want to make sure that every single step of the way is captured here. For each product we’re creating I’ve got a banner for the product and then everything is listed that we need to get ready for market followed by what needs to happen to make sure they’re in the right consumption sequences, and what happens after they purchase.

Launch To-do’s & IG Graphics

We need to be sure we’re creating a sale period, an after-sale and a before sale to-do list, some final details, and there are always things that have to happen within 24 hours of the sale beginning and ending. I utilize due dates in the final period so I can be sure I know what I need to do when!

This particular client uses a deadline funnel to create legitimacy for her sale in countdowns and I’ve included reminders for those here. And then you’ll see our list of launch emails. Last week I covered my method here where you can see a similar method to hers We want to be sure we’re scheduling those also as well as creating graphics for IG stories.


All in all hopefully this creates a very successful 5-figure sale when it comes to the BF Launch for her in not only launching new products but also making sure the launch runs smoothly. I LOVE giving you a BTS look on sales & launches for my clients so let me know if you have any questions or things you want to see more tutorials on and I’ll create content accordingly!

I'm a biz coach and integrator for creatives! My job? To help you dreams & dailys happen every week. Rinse and repeat.

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