My 4-Step Wedding Planning Workflow


June 29, 2017


I remember my very first wedding planning season when I started Dear Sweetheart Events.

I was working 40 hours / week at a desk job while planning weddings on the side. I literally had no idea what I was doing… I am a self-taught wedding planner & learned A LOT the hard way!!

I remember thinking: How am I ever going to plan multiple weddings at one time?! How do wedding planner’s do it?!

Brides were coming to ME because they were stressed, feeling unorganized & ready for an expert to come in & save the day. Yet I felt like a fraud. How could I plan multiple weddings at one time when there are SO MANY moving parts to a wedding?! AND let’s face it – every single wedding is different!! The planning of each wedding depends so heavily on the venue, the timeline & the bride / groom’s personalities!

So what did I do? How did/do I plan MULTIPLE weddings at once?! And more importantly, how can YOU?!

First things first: you have to break things down!!

I’m a big picture person but one thing I LOVE to do is to take that BIG picture and cut it up into bite-sized pieces. Wedding planning is just that!! We have to take the BIG picture and break it up into small, manageable pieces so that we stay sane & our clients feel organized every step of the way!!

I broke my wedding planning workflow down into 4 SIMPLE steps!!

I realized that EVERY SINGLE WEDDING followed this same path & if I really looked at each task, I would see they fit under one category or another!!

My 4 step system is:

  1. Planning
  2. Designing
  3. Coordinating
  4. Executing


Once you have the SYSTEM down, it’s SO much easier to add MULTIPLE clients to it! You have to have a strong foundation & then adding additional clients allows you to walk through the process seamlessly no matter how different their wedding is!! I go into each step of the process in detail in my 4 Step Planning Workflow E-book (available here!).


What is one thing YOU do to help stay on top of planning MULTIPLE weddings at ONE TIME?! 


xo! kat


Floral image by SC Stockshop

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