What’s a Mastermind?


February 28, 2017

This buzz-word is being used quite a bit in creative world right now. Amiright?!

We’re hearing it everywhere (heck, I’m using it, too!) so I thought I’d take a minute to de-myth this buzz-word & tell you what it actually means. Or at least what I think it means!:)

To put it simply, a Mastermind in our creative world is a small group of entreprenuers meeting together to focus on next-level stuff (be it career-aspriations, personal goals, business, etc.).

The key words being SMALL and FOCUSED.

My friend Ashlyn said that King Arthur’s Round table was the first mastermind & while I have no idea if it’s true, I think that’s pretty legit. A mastermind is peer driven & organized enough to keep chaos at bay, while also allowing for flexibility of conversation & mastermind-ing. (Yes, I’m using it as a verb).

Here’s a little Mastermind Q&A:

What is a “free” Mastermind? 

I am in a Mastermind Group with 4 ladies; we meet every three weeks via Google Hangout.  Each time we meet, 2 of us have a “hot seat”.  In our “hot seat” time we’re able to pose a question and/or brain dump an idea; it’s a safe space to verbally process our dreams/ideas & a chance to get relevant, honest feedback from peers.

Having these women hold me accountable, cheer me on & say things like “oh girl, me too!” has been SO refreshing & exactly what I needed!!

We put this Mastermind group together – meaning we’re 5 friends who wanted to meet every few weeks “mastermind style”. Yes, you can absolutely gather a group of boss ladies together & create your very own Mastermind group!

I have also been in Mastermind groups I have paid to be apart of & have also hosted my own groups.

What is a “paid” Mastermind:

A paid mastermind is usually led by a business coach or educator. You are not only mastermind-ing with the other biz owners in the group, but typically also receiving accountability from the business coach. You receive her (or his!) expertise & sometimes even additional one-on-one time from the leader!

Paid Masterminds I have been apart of:

Reina & Co : I was apart of 2 of Reina‘s mastermind programs in 2016 – for me, personally, I find value in a paid mastermind when I have a specific idea/goal in mind. For example, when I did her Summer Sprint Mastermind, my focus was my On The Road To Full Time program. I was curating content & creating a launch strategy; I wanted a group to help me stay focused & motived. It helped IMMENSELY; I am SO glad I invested in the experience!!! I met some amazing women & am still in touch with quite a few today!

When I did her Q4 Refresh Mastermind in the Fall, I did not have one set goal in mind & therefore wasn’t as focused (this is not a negative of her particular program – I love what she has put together & highly recommend it!)! However I learned that I, personally, need 1 larger goal in mind to remain focused & truly get the most from the investment.

Ashlyn Writes : In January, I did a 6-week Copywriting for Creatives Mastermind with Ashlyn. Y’all. It was AMAZING!! As I mentioned before, I found that when I invest in a paid mastermind it helps if I have one SET goal or idea to focus on. Ashlyn’s program was PERFECT for me because I was in the thick of writing copy for the C@H website. Having her (and the other ladies) to brainstorm with made all the difference, and the modules Ashlyn taught were game-changers for me!

Do “paid” Masterminds offer Content?

Yes and no. Some mastermind’s will offer additional content along with hot-seats & some won’t! I personally offered both for various offerings & have been apart of both. It all depends on what you’re looking for:)

How do I become a part of a Mastermind?

Well, it depends on what you’re looking for! You can reach out to boss ladies & create your own – whether it be industry specific (a wedding planner mastermind, a photographer mastermind, etc.) or contain no 2 same businesses. Or you can become a part of a paid mastermind with a biz coach you admire! Masterminds are becoming more & more popular and it’s because smaller, focused education provides incredible benefits.


Do you have any other Mastermind-related questions I can help with? Are you apart of a Mastermind group?  

xo! kat

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