you're a right-brained kinda girl.

 so you can get it done quickly & go back to all those right-brained things you love! ;) 

You love running your creative biz, working with clients and dreaming big dreams but... numbers? data? metrics? hard pass.

I see you, friend, and I'm here to help! It's time for you to (finally) have a simplified rhythm for tracking your biz backend. From website visitors to inquiries received - this metrics tracker helps you do it ALL...

Number don't have to be so hard! Use this simplified template to track data + metrics in your biz -- from website visitors to email list growth to inquiries received. This monthly tracker helps you stay on top of it ALL! 

monthly biz metrics tracker

A complete system + templates

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what you'll get:

monthly biz tracker template

You'll instantly receive a Google Sheet & Excel Spreadsheet version of this template so you can get started tracking immediately 

1 BTS training

Learn exactly how to implement this template! I help you figure out what to track, where to find the data you need and give a peek at how I use this tracker monthly in my biz! 

2 bonus templates

Along with the Monthly Biz Metrics Tracker, you'll receive an Inquiry Tracker Template and Launch Tracker Template in both a Google Sheets & Excel version. PLUS I show you how to use them, when to use them & how they relate to your Monthly Biz Metrics Tracker! 

(yep, I said it.)

real talk: I really hate math.

It was my least fave subject in school, and I use the calculator on my phone regularly. 😅

When I hear the words "data and metrics" I cringe a bit because my brain immediately thinks about dreaded math class. I don't naturally think in numbers... so why would I want to spend time lookin' at the numbers in my biz? 

because numbers don't lie!

Knowing your biz numbers doesn't make you a math geek... it makes you a smart biz women. It means you know what's working, what's not and what to expect... and that's just good business. 

I created this Monthly Biz Metrics Tracker for all my right-brained friends. For those of us who cringe at numbers but want to create a simple, sustainable way to understand ALL the numbers in the business.

From revenue to bookings to digital products to web visitors, this tracker helps you track it ALL ... and I show you *exactly * how! 

get it now!

stop sweating the numbers.

start tracking today!

questions? wondering if this is right for you?

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