Yearly Goals: 14 in 2014 Recap

It’s really exciting & humbling to look back at my Goal Post from last year!

If you don’t do this, I HIGHLY suggest you do!!! I used to have monthly goal posts, but honestly, they started to overwhelm me and only add to my ever growing to-do list. But yearly goals? I think it’s AMAZING to look back to see what worked, what didn’t work & think about what you want to do for the new year! Here’s a recap of last year’s goals…



1. Plan & Design a minimum of 3 Styled Shoots. I styled 15 shoots this year. I KNOW. I’m crazy.

2. Book (at least) 3 more 2014 weddings. At the time I had 4 weddings for 2014 & my goal was 7. I finished the year off with 13 fabulous brides.

3. Book (at least) 9 weddings/events for 2015. Currently I have 19 weddings booked for 2015!

4. Attend 2 Conferences/Workshops/Intensives (Hello, MTH 2014!!!!) I LOVE this one!! I attended Making Things Happen, Amanda’s Wedding Floral Workshop, Katelyn’s Small Business Social and did a mentor session with Natalie. I think investing in education is VITAL for a growing business & can’t wait to attend more in 2015!!!

5. Continue blogging 4-5 days a week. YAY!! I did it!! I’ve been blogging 5 days a week since January!

6. Have (at least) 3 features in 2014 (blogs… or even print!). YOU GUYS. I’ve had 16 blog features (with a few more scheduled!) and 1 print feature (with another one coming in January!)! BLESSED doesn’t even begin to describe it. I’ve worked with KILLER vendors & I’m so thankful!!!

7. Coordinate a meet-and-greet specifically for Designers in the Wedding Industry in the VA/DC/MD area. FAIL. I didn’t do this. I really, really, really want to plan a “let’s grab coffee and chat about life/weddings/whatever” for other planners & florists. Would anyone in VA/DC/MD be interested?!

8. Expand my knowledge of Floral Design. Thanks to Amanda’s patience & talent, I feel so much more confident about my floral design! I even did 3 floral design weddings this year & 12 floral shoots.

9. Hire a Branding/Website Designer to expand the DSE blog into a full website. YES. Ashlee Proffitt rocked my world! I just love EVERYTHING she did for my brand!!!

10. With #9 – create & build a cohesive DSE brand, complete with the full DSE Bride & Groom Experience. Hooray! Between Ashlee and Taylor, my brand screams DSE and I LOVE the experience I’ve been able to put together for my couples!!

11. Continue networking with friends in the wedding & creative industry through social media, emails, sweet cards & coffee dates. I’m so blessed to have made so many amazing friends & can’t wait to meet even more of you in 2015!!!

12. Continue refining and expanding my packages… whatever that may mean! I finally feel “at home” with my current offerings & pricing structure. I’d like to tweak my format for styled shoots, so that’s a goal for ’15!

13. Purchase an iPad. It would be so much more convenient when I travel & for bride consultations. I purchased a refurbished iPad Mini and LOVE it!! Best investment & I highly suggest it!!

14. Be working DSE full-time by the beginning of 2015 (!!!!!!).  Not yet. But soon, friends. I can feel it:)



1. Complete the 3 month Contentment Challenge in Jan, Feb & March. I did it & it changed my life! I highly recommend it!!

2. Spend more time in the present than I do planning my future. Honestly, y’all, I was so busy that I didn’t really have a lot of time to plan ahead… so in a way I guess I did, but I wasn’t TRYING to do this. Does that make sense?! This is still something I need to work more on in ’15.

3. In relations to #2 – Have 1 Social Media Free Weekend per month. I did not have 1 per month but I did do a total of 7. I really enjoy “getting away” and not focusing on what to post or who’s posting what.

4. Focus on my husband. He’s my top priority. Not my business. Not myself. HIM. YES. I think this year was an interesting year for both of us because it was our first year married & my first year owning DSE. Jan-April were ROUGH, ladies. But thankfully Making Things Happen gave me the kick I needed to make changes so he really is my top priority. I still struggle sometimes with feeling guilty – guilty when I’m with him & not doing something else, or when I’m doing something else and not with him! So this is a big goal for ’15!!

5. Take Knox on more hikes. He really, really loves them. We tried!! Matt did more than I did because I had events on the weekends. But we LOVE going to Skyline Drive:)

6. Run my 3rd 10K in 60 minutes or less. (insert crying/laughing emoji) Nope. I didn’t even run one in 2014. Again, the con to focusing on your business means you let other things in your life slide. I’m planning to run one in March though, so fingers crossed I make it to the end:)

7. Let’s be serious, my quiet times suck. I need to spend more INTENTIONAL time with God. Yes, yes, yes. I am SO bad at “being still” and spending intentional time with Jesus. Still struggling, y’all.

9. Spend a day touring museums in DC. No… but we did tour Williamsburg together! Does that count?!:)

8. Learn how to play Madden. It’s something he loves; I want to be able to do it, too… or at least put up a fighting chance. No way. I didn’t even try to learn this one… he’s got too many games & I’m just too horrible at it, ha.

10. Spend a weekend in Savannah with Matt. And I just may never come back. We’ve got this date already planned for 2015 and I am SO EXCITED!!!:)

11. Run my first Half Marathon… just completing it would be nice:) Go read #6!:)

12. Make a Scrapbook. Or two. (I’m 2 1/2 years behind.) No. Honestly? No time or energy to craft unless it had to do with a wedding or styled shoot. I would LOVE to get my hands on one of these!

13. Find a really, really great mascara. You laugh, but it’s a real problem:) NO! LADIES! HELP!! I can’t find one that doesn’t start to turn clumpy after only a few days of using it!!!

14. Focus on our Savings, not our Spending. Buying a house in 2016 would be really awesome. YES!! We are hoping to be home owners THIS year!!!:)




I feel like there were certain areas that went really, really well last year… but then other areas I really failed. I missed out on movie nights & walks to the park & “ordinary” nights with Matt because I was constantly going-going-going. I don’t regret my weddings or shoots, but I DO regret not allowing myself time to truly rest & live in the moment.

I think I’m very, very, VERY quick to “yes” to EVERYTHING… when I really just need to say “yes” to a few things that matter. It’s humbling to look back at this & makes me even more passionate about making 2015 a year of INTENTIONALITY. A year to focus on LESS so that I can do MORE. I want more time with Matt and Knox…. and while I still plan to style shoots & grow DSE, it’s with a more mature focus.

Did you make yearly goals? Are you going to for 2015? Be on the lookout for my 15 in 2015 Goal in 2 weeks:)

xo! kat

(( photos by Katie Nesbitt Photography , Bouquet designed by Dear Sweetheart Events ))

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