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Let's make those biz goals happen, together!

I'm here to help you put a project plan behind that BIG biz goal... so you stop spinning your tired wheels & start *finally* creating traction!

I'm here to help you put a project plan behind that BIG biz goal... so you stop spinning your tired wheels & start *finally* creating traction!

"Kat, I need that... I think?! What's an "integrator"?!"

I'm glad you asked! The term "integrator" comes from the book "Rocket Fuel". Rocket Fuel introduces a concept called Visionaries + Integrators & shares that when the two work together, the result is dynamic! Visionaries (like you) have big, big dreams...Integrators (like me) help bring that dream to life. My system involves a quarterly process known as The Quarterly Cure to get you out of the weeds and in a solid routine of making dreams + dailys happen!

Think of me as your co-pilot. You've got the destination in mind... and I've got the map to get you there.

I joke that I'm an integrator living in a visionary world. Do I have vision? Sure do. My Top StrengthFinders is Futuristic so believe me when I say I love a good vision. Gimme a notebook and a daydream... but let's pair it with a go-gettin' action-plan (That's where my StrengthFinders #2 + #3 come in to play - Strategic + Activator!) See, I get vision. I LOVE vision. But a vision without a plan won't get you anywhere.

My mission is to equip visionaries like you with a solid strategy to make whatever you're dreaming up come true... one quarter at a time!

Whether we work together via Coaching, my Mastermind or you raise your hand & ask for help from my Integrator Agency,

I specialize in helping you get out of the day-to-day weeds and finally find clarity on WHAT to do and HOW to get there!

We take your big biz ideas and create tunnel vision... action steps, deadlines, actual to-do's being checked off (can you imagine?!) so that course you've always wanted to launch or that shop you've always wanted to do can come to life!

Is your visionary self feeling excited right now?


Keep scrolling to learn how you + me can equal goal setting genius. Let's make dreams & dailys happen together, friend! 

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If you've ever read Traction or Rocket Fuel (2 must-haves on my biz book list!) then you know that the Visionary/Integrator duo is sacred in your biz. It's a duo created to help you hit big milestones and make dynamite happen.

You - the Visionary - are all about big ideas & new goals. You know what you want, but you need help getting there. That's where I come in. You need a doer on your team helping you reach new heights without overwhelming your already busy schedule. 

Integrator Agency

Whether you're looking for a one time call or ongoing support, I offer coaching to creatives looking for some extra biz support! With past clients, I've tackled things like: passive income, sales funnels, pivoting in their biz, launching a new offer, optimizing an existing offer, streamlining their biz in Trello, hosting a conference and MORE! 

The sky is kinda the limit, friend!

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The Kat Schmoyer Mastermind is hosted twice per year for experienced creatives looking for 1:1 support and peer review. This is a high-level, high-touch experience for creatives serious about growth goals & ready to dig deep & do the work, together. The Mastermind is 6 months long & includes a 2 day all inclusive retreat. 

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Kat genuinely cares and was transparent & honest & human!

The entire Mastermind was so refreshing and she never once made me feel judged or like I was doing things wrong and there was never anything negative in any meeting. Kat was absolutely perfect to work with and could mold into the type of person each of us needed at different moments. It was positive and I felt comfortable and accepted and honestly that's just so energy-giving.

Kristen Fulchi

Everyone needs a Kat Schmoyer on their team!

Hiring Kat as my integrator has been the best decision I ever made in my business! She took my business that was running ok and pulled all the crazy moving pieces together into a well-oiled machine! Not only did she optimize our workflows so our team was more efficient and could put out more free content with ease, but she help us increase revenue DRAMATICALLY, taking us from a normal $5-10k shop sale to over $25k in our next sale!

rebecca rice

Since we started our coaching sessions, I’ve launched a new business, landed interviews on big podcasts, and grown my income!

She is always there to lend a listening ear and to brainstorm ideas with, and I am so thankful for her expertise and guidance. I leave our sessions feeling so encouraged and with a list of what I need to work on. It seriously doesn’t get better than that! Hiring Kat as my coach has been the single best investment in my business, hands down! 

Dawn Richardson

Through her guidance, I went from having a goal to having a fully designed, action-packed plan of how I would not only achieve that goal but also succeed & sustain it!

With Kat as a coach, supporter, and cheerleader, my business and confidence has seen continuous growth! I couldn't recommend Kat more if you're looking to take your business to new heights! 

Jenna Daykin


Let's make those dreams & dailys happen together!

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