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Two Year Anniversary + A Big Announcement!!!

It’s our 2 year wedding anniversary… and WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!


If you follow along on Instagram, then you saw the big news last week!!! We are SO excited about this new stage of our lives and we can’t WAIT to officially move in!!!!!

We closed on our home last Thursday and spent a long weekend deep cleaning and painting. Friday is the big move in day (ah!) and to be honest, it still feels a little surreal. We began house hunting the end of April, and we looked at over 15 homes before choosing this lovely thing. To be honest, I started to feel a bit defeated during the house hunt. I wanted an emotional connection; I wanted to walk in to a house and just know that it was “the one”. And that was NOT happening!!! We wanted a home with at least a .5 acre, and that narrowed our search down. Because we wanted a bit a space, new-builds were out of the question unless we bought land to build. And most homes built on a bit of land were older and needed a LOT of work!! We were willing to take on cosmetic changes, but we did NOT want a gut job!!!

As soon as we walked into the home on North Main, I was in LOVE!!! It’s inviting, open and full of character. I had “that feeling” and just KNEW we belonged here!!! It has all the bedrooms we were looking for, a pretty white kitchen and TONS of storage! I’m not a huge fan of wood (I’m all about white!), but the wood molding is such a strong statement piece (and Matt loves it!)! It also has a fence for Knox and gorgeous mountain views!!! We invited my parent’s to walk through this one and another one to help us compare, and it was a unanimous vote: North Main won!!

We found out that our offer had been accepted when we were in St Thomas (crazy, right?!), but we kept it under wraps on social media & the blog. We wanted to make sure it all went through and it really was OURS before we spread the news!!! For the last few weeks, it’s been lots of loan details & home inspiration pinning! I have been SO excited to make this home “ours” and LOVE the painting we’ve gotten done so far!!! (And yes, I do plan to document our home decorating journey on the blog!! I’ve got a trip to Ikea planned this week, and we have a few more big things to accomplish before I post interior decorating photos.) I can’t believe we get to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary with a NEW HOUSE – best (and most expensive!) anniversary present ever!!


Because I’m just dying to share more about our home, here are 10 Fun Facts about our newest #SchmoAdventure!!! 

1. It was built in 1927!!! I LOVE the historic charm! It’s the perfect mix of character and functionality. It doesn’t have central air (call us crazy!) and we have radiators in every room for heat.

2. We have .5 acre with mountain views out of the kitchen window! Our land backs up to a farm so we have cows for neighbors:) We love having our own space & mature trees for privacy.

3. A negative with the house is the bathroom situation; It’s a 2500 square foot home with only 1.5 baths. Ouch! The good thing is: the baths our up-to-date and I love them! No work needed on the existing bathrooms! We ARE going to do a bit of remodeling and turn a study into an ensuite master bathroom. Matt’s getting started on that project in soon, so we’ll go from 1.5 to 2.5 baths very soon!!

4. Our bungalow has a red tin roof!! I never thought I’d live in a tin roof house, but one should never say never:)

5. We have an unfinished basement perfect for storage (and the DSE flowers!)! AND we have an attic. Next year, our plan it to finish the adorable attic space and I will have an entire floor for DSE & C@H!!

6. There is NO carpet – yay!! We have original hard wood floors most of the rooms and parkay in a few.

7. One of my favorite things about the house is the front porch!! Not only will we get to watch parades go by on Main Street, but it’s really wide and completely re-done. The brick is beautiful, the pillars are new & the ceiling is light blue… I’m in love:) (Our Mud Room ceiling is also light blue!)!

8. The house also has all of the original wood trim and while I initially thought it would all get painted white, Matt LOVES the trim and refuses to paint it:) It has huge pillars in in the entryway & some small built-ins. I plan to challenge my design skills by tying in the texture of the wood with our color palette & decor. We’re literally painting every single room except the mud-room!

9. I mentioned that this home has lots of character and one thing I love is the huge pocket doors in between the living room and dining room!! They add such a unique touch to the space!! It also has a transom window over the hallway door. I LOVE it, so much!! It’s such a fun detail in the home!!!

10. Our new home is in the small town of Timberville, population 2,500!! There’s no Target, no Starbucks and the only fast food is a Hardees!!! But don’t worry, I’m only going to be 25 minutes away from all those “necessities”:)

10.5 This is a silly one, so it’s only 1/2! The owners before us had CRAZY pets!!!! They had a SQUIRREL, chickens, TONS of birds, a hamster, 3 cats, a dog , a rooster AND bunnies!!! Don’t worry, none of them stayed!! Knox wouldn’t have known what to do with all those friends around!!!:)


I can’t wait to show you all the progress we make over the next few months!!! For behind the scenes pictures, follow along on Instagram!! I’m off to enjoy our 2 year wedding anniversary with my husband painting our NEW HOME!!!:)

xo!! kat

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