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Using Your Printable Calendar: Fave Supplies


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How to Crush Your 2022 Goals

goal setting

How to CRUSH your 2022 Goals!

I think annual planning is the WORST! Yep, I said it. Mic drop. You know I love planning. I’m all about color coding and sticky notes and calendars. But there’s strategy that annual planning doesn’t have. It isn’t flexible. (2020 proved that to us all, am I right?!) So how EXACTLY do you set goals […]

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Do THIS when ending your biz year

goal setting

End of Year Biz Review: Do THIS when Ending Your Biz Year!

End of Year Biz Review, I LOVE talking about this!! One of my favorite things about December (outside of watching Hallmark Channel Christmas movies on repeat… anyone else!?) is doing my End of Year Biz Review!! BEFORE jumping into 2022, you need to spend intentional time looking BACK. Why? Because 2021 is filled with vital […]

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How to Set Goals in 2022

goal setting

A Guide for Setting Biz Goals in 2022

Let’s get started on Setting Biz Goals !!!!!  Honesty hour: over the past few years, I’ve played around with YouTube videos but never gotten good and consistent with it. (Have you ever done something like that in your biz?! You WANT to do it but then you just can’t stick with it?!) I’ve decided that […]

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quarterly printable calendar framed for business owner

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Using Your Printable Calendar: My Fave Supplies

Updated November 2021 Anyone else get excited to walk into Staples or Target and grab some new office supplies?! 😃 When using the Printable Calendar there are a few must-have supplies I recommend, so I’ve created an easy list of my favorite supplies here for you! These supplies always make me feel like I’m getting the […]

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tips for immersion retreat from Kat SChmoyer

goal setting

Immersion Retreat: What it is + How to do it

As y’all know, I serve as a fractional integrator (read this post to get a refresh on what that means!). Back in April, I went on an immersion retreat with one of my clients and it was amazing!! We got the idea from Amy Porterfield when she shared a podcast interview about the immersion retreat […]

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Do THIS when ending your biz year

goal setting

Quarterly Calendar Re-Set! Tips for Stepping Into Q3

Q3 is HERE, y’all! Who else is having a hard time believing it?! It feels like it snuck up on us a little bit, didn’t it?! Today, I want to talk about some specific tips for re-setting your Quarterly Calendar and prepping for the next 90 days! When I teach the Quarterly Cure Masterclass I talk about […]

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