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Event Planning in a Post-Pandemic World: Podcast feature on So, Here's the Thing

Creative at Heart

Event Planning in a Post-Pandemic World: So, Here’s the Thing Podcast Feature

This past year has caused a LOT of changes in businesses worldwide. Entrepreneurs have shifted what they offer and how they offer their services to stay safe and keep up. Event hosting is no different. Over the last year, I’ve been working to redesign Creative at Heart so that we can still host an incredible […]

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the impact of an integrator for creative businesses

Creative at Heart

Impact of an Integrator: Brands That Book Feature

If you’re the visionary of your business and are starting to realize that you just can’t go it alone, then I’ve got something special for you! I recently sat down with Davy and Krista Jones for an interview on their podcast, Brands that Book, and talked ALL about what being an integrator entails. Integrators are […]

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Creative at Heart

Conferences & Events Post COVID: The Legal Paige Podcast Feature

Are you thinking of hosting an in person event in light of COVID? Are you a wedding professional wondering what’s gonna happen next in the world of in person services?! While I don’t have a crystal ball & can’t claim to know the ins & outs of life post-COVID, I jumped on a podcast episode […]

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Creative at Heart

Pivoting + Making Changes: Dreams to Plans Podcast Feature

It’s not every year we have a 2020 kinda year. And we can all agree that we’re thankful for that!! But looking back on 2020, I can already see pieces of the broken shedding light on the new. And I’m grateful for that. Really, really grateful for that.  2020 was the year of the small […]

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Creative at Heart

My #1 Tip for Attending a Conference

Creative at Heart Round 6 is SIX days away, so it’s no wonder why I’ve got conference on the brain! Over the last 2 years, C@H has hosted 5 two-day conferences, 1 three-day conference & 2 one-day conferences – we’ve been BUSY! I’ve also had the opportunity to attend & speak at several other amazing […]

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