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Black Friday Product Sale: A BTS Look at Planning for a 5-figure Sale

business planning

Black Friday Product Sale: A BTS Look at Planning for a 5-figure Sale

Black Friday prep is in FULL SWING over here and I want to take you behind the scenes today to show you EXACTLY how I project plan out a 5-figure Black Friday Product Sale!! (Of course we’re using Trello which you know I love!!!) This is one my Integration Agency clients who I work very […]

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Trello Hack: How to Create Multiple Workspaces in Trello

business planning

Trello Hack: How to Create Multiple Workspaces

Oh hey, Trello lovers!! I have another TRELLO HACK for you today!! If you’re ready to learn how to use Trello with more than 10 boards than comes with the free plan… this video is for you! I’ve been using the FREE plan since 2016 & I’m giving you an insight into HOW I can […]

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How to Plan Biz Goals when Things Feel Unknown

business planning

How to Plan Biz Goals When Things Feel Unknown

We’re half-way through the year so now is the perfect time to take a 1000-foot view of what’s coming up in the next 6 months in your business!! But how do you do that if you just don’t know what’s coming?! I know none of us can really predict what will happen, but for some […]

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Mid Year Review

business planning

Mid Year Review

We’re half-way through 2022, y’all!! Can you even believe it!? Today I’m diving into my Mid Year Review process… and I am so excited!! Doing a mid year review is SO MUCH FUN — and so helpful for my biz. I have a FREE worksheet for you here so grab it now & then get […]

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Plan April 2022 with Me

business planning

How I Plan for My Business: Plan April 2022 with Me

Happy April, y’all!! We’re jumping into a brand new month so today I thought it’d be fun to take you behind the scenes and show you how I plan for my business (and my life)! Instead of my typical BTS look at my quarterly planning, I thought that this month I’d break down how I […]

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How to Have a Stress-Free Launch

business planning

How to Have a Stress-Free Launch

Are you ready to have a FUN launch?! Tired of feeling stressed out, burned, out, and exhausted when you launch? Or maybe it’s your first launch and you’ve heard all the horror stories! Today we’re going to dive into how you can make your launch FUN and STRESS-FREE! (Yes, seriously!) I have launched dozens of […]

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