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a 7 Module program designed to make your dream job




You can find financial freedom in your business
You are capable of finding success as an entrepreneur 
You can make your dream job profitable and sustainable
You are able to quit your stressful day-job

What if I told you:

Ready to see how?

Let’s do this, girl.

Hey, you!

I’m Kat. And 4 years ago I was sitting right where you are... 

in an ugly cubicle spending more time dreaming about my life then actually living it. 

I spent 17 months growing Dear Sweetheart Events while working a 9-5. 40 hours a week to “the man” (whoever he is) and late nights, early mornings & weekends spent building my side hustle. 

I cried. I stressed. I lost sleep. And I grew bitter over women who did leave their full-time job, because I wanted it so desperately.


Thankfully, after 17 months of too much coffee & not enough time, I finally left that 9-5. My journey to full-time hasn’t been easy & it was nowhere near glamourous. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

I launched a business, tripled my income, doubled my clientele, launched Creative at Heart Conference and added multiple streams of revenue to my business - all while working a 9-5. 

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I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Bridgewater College in 2011. And I had no idea what I was gonna do with it. I began working in Admissions for a career college, and became the youngest Director of Admissions for my division. And while that might look super cool on my resume, I wasn't happy. In fact, I was weary in every way & questioning everything. 

"Was this what I was supposed to do for the next 40 years?" 

After lunch breaks ugly crying in my car, and late nights blog stalking women I admired, I knew I'd had enough. My Cubicle Era had to end. 

I launched my first business, Dear Sweetheart Events, in October of 2013. Pressing "submit" on that LLC application was the craziest, scariest thing I have ever done. Once I did, I took a giant leap into the small biz world. It wasn't pretty or romantic or styled. It was messy. And hard. 
And I loved every hot second.
10 months into owning Dear Sweetheart Events, Creative at Heart Conference was born. 

Another 9 months after that (a whopping 17 months total of entrepreneurial life), I walked out of my full-time job for the very last time - carrying a box of momentous & wearing the biggest smile. 

I said goodbye to blazers & heels, 
& hello to three-day-in-a-row leggings & dry shampoo. 

Fast forward to 2017, and I've got 50 weddings, 25+ styled shoots, 6 conferences, and over 500 blog posts under my belt. I've coached over 60 women one-on-one and watched big, beautiful & bold things happen. 

I'm a believer, wife, & mama to 2 babies I'll meet in heaven. I'm a certified "dog-mom" to Knox in every cliche way & marrying my high school sweetheart, Matt, was the best decision I ever made. 

I work virtually with the best assistant a boss lady could ask for (love you, Em!), and have conversations with Matt about launch strategies & email marketing over tacos & margs on the regular. 

After almost four years of entrepreneur life, I can confidently say that every late night has been worth it. Every "what if" question has been worth the risk. And every big dream has made all the difference. 

Can you say the same? 

quitting that draining 9-5 & serving your dream clients, on your dream schedule? 


Setting Up Your Biz Checklist - LLC, Sole Proprietor, Business Banking, Oh my! 
“What do you do?!” E-Guide
Budget Spreadsheet PLUS an Accounting Definition Directory 
Simple & Easy Biz Analysis Worksheet
Content Cheat-Sheet - what to say, when to say it, where to say it!! 
My very own Instagram Strategy PLUS how to create your own!
Features & Benefits Worksheet
PLUS a few surprises - hey, I can’t give away all my secrets just yet

Because 7 Modules + 2 Bonus Videos just isn’t enough!! Here are the amazing bonuses I’ve created just for you (you won’t find these anywhere else!)


You’re struggling to grow your business while working a 9-5.
You want to turn your hobby into a profitable business but have no idea how.
You never have enough time & struggle with what your priorities should be. 
You’re tired of feeling like you have to HIDE your full-time job from clients. And you’re sick to death of hiding your side-hustle from your 9-5.
You need tangible, no-fluff education to push your business to the next level.
You feel like you’re running the hamster wheel of endless to-dos with no end in sight. 
You crave accountability with women doing the exact same thing you’re doing because they understand the struggles you face more than anyone else.
You feel alone. No one else understands the hustle you’re doing. Everyone else seems to have it all together. 
You’re tired. Utterly Exhausted. Completely defeated. And ready to quit. 
You’re afraid to begin. You’re terrified to call yourself a “small business owner”... so you don’t.

What you’ll learn:

how to grow the business of your dreams while working a full-time job

how to establish your brand while your biz is growing


how to find (& talk like) your brand voice on Instagram & Facebook

blogging how-to’s for quick, easy posts (even if you’re not a writer!)

practical & simple tips for balancing your day-job AND your side-hustle

We’ll tackle the fundamentals of running a creative small business through 7 jam-packed modules over an 8 week period.  (Yep, that means you'll be on the road to full time by Christmas, girl!)

In this self-paced course, as soon as you click “I’m in, Kat!” you’ll have access to ALL 7 pre-recorded video modules, 2 bonus videos plus 9 bonus resources. You can pace yourself with one module per week or go all out & binge watch it like episodes of This is Us. It’s entirely up to you! 

How it works? 

What you’ll get:

7 Modules:

in video format

2 Bonus Videos:

for even more valuable content

Private Facebook Group:

you will be in a private Facebook group with Kat, as well as other creatives growing their biz like you!

3 Live Q+A Sessions:

throughout the 8 week program

9 Bonus Resources:

created to push your business forward

Lifetime access:

to all videos & bonus resources in a user-friendly software

Weekly Accountability:

access to Kat weekly in the private Facebook group

The chance to stop saying “no”

and start saying “yes”: you know you want to

Tell me more, please!

Bonus Video 1

Module 1

Punch Fear in the Face: Creating Attainable Biz Goals

Module 2

Find Your Voice: Branding & Ideal Client

module 3

Become a Financial Guru: Understand Your Numbers

Module 4

Determining & Diversifying your Offerings

Module 5

Marketing 101: Instagram, Facebook, Blogging 

module 6

What to say, When to say it

Module 7

Systems 101: Battling Overwork and Overwhelm

Bonus Video 2

Don’t worry, I know some of you want a timeline, too!


October 30

Module 1

November 6

Module 2

November 13

You’ll be able to jump into ALL of the content as soon as you enroll! And while I hope you go at whatever pace fits your fancy, I plan to walk you through each module with guided questions, helpful tips and more in our private Facebook group! 

Here’s how it’ll go down:

Didn’t you say something about BONUSES?!

Module 3

November 20

Module 4

November 27

Module 5


Module 6


Module 7



End the year ready to take your business full-time in 2018!

Money, Money, Money, Money, MON-AY! 

(you’re welcome for getting that song stuck in your head!)

So how much does all this cost?!

Investing in your business when it’s still a side-hustle is scary. Petrifying, actually. What if it doesn’t work? How can I justify the expense when I’m penny-pinching every cent I make in order to leave my 9-5? 

i get it.

The total value for the course is over $2,500, but for you… 

Investing financially is never something we want to do, but it is a necessity for growth. By investing in a program like this - one that offers a combination of accountability, mastermind AND content, along with 8 guest speakers, one-on-one time with Kat & a tight-knit community of women who get it - your business will flourish. That’s my guarantee.

I set out to build a course that would offer you everything I wished for when I was on the road to full-time, while also being affordable.

You can join me TODAY for $197

Or get the most bang for your buck & sign up for the most exclusive offer for $697


7 Modules: video & PDF slides
2 Bonus Videos: for even more valuable content
Lifetime access to ALL modules & bonus videos!

'Keep it Simple'

join now for $197!


'Gimme the Good Stuff'

join now for $347


2 private 30 min. Q+A calls with Kat during the 8 week program (a $299 value)
2 60 min. group coaching calls with Kat & other attendees during the 8 week program (a $499 value)

'I Want it All'

join now for $697

Everything from "Keep it Simple" PLUS:

Everything from "GIMME THE GOOD STUFF" PLUS:

Private Facebook Group: with Kat & other course members
Weekly Accountability with Kat
3 Live Q+A Sessions
9 Bonus Resources

This course won’t tell you that you have to quit your full time job.

Wait WHAT?! I thought that’s what you wanted me to do, Kat. 

Hear me out.

For 17 months, I struggled to find balance between Uncle Sam and my growing dream. I worked incredibly long hours because my day-job required 40 hours per week, and my business required whatever else I could give. And instead of being grateful for that season of my life, I was angry. I grew defeated. I stopped trying at my day-job. I was resentful of the work being put on my plate when I knew my business to-do list was already too full. I couldn’t see past my exhaustion and bitterness. And I’m willing to bet you can’t either.  But here’s the truth:

your full-time job is not the enemy.

As hard as it might be right now, your full-time job is allowing you to pursue your dream with the financial safety net you need. It’s providing you with stability. It’s providing you financial freedom to take risks in your business. And your full-time job is teaching you pertinent people skills, organizational skills & management skills that will only make you a better business owner.

This course will not tell you that your full-time job is the enemy, or that in order to be a success small business owner you have to quit.

This course WILL encourage you to keep pushing for your dream and give you tangible tools you need to leave your day job for your dream job, if that’s your long-term goal. 


“On the Road to Full Time will have you dreaming, crying, fired up, and on the right track to achieving your dreams! Because of Kat’s selflessness to share & encourage me I know I will be packing up my cubicle someday and living my dream!”

-Ruth, Raise the Ruth Events



“Kat’s On the Road to Full Time course was a kick in the pants I needed. I came away from her class with the tools to streamline my workflow process and my business, both which will help me transition to full time.”


-Nichole, Young Love Events


“On top of Kat’s willingness to share her success with us, she also gave us the chance to meet fellow entrepreneurs who find themselves in the same scary boat. Great insight, new friendships and an inspired heart. Yeah, it’s worth it!”


-Kelsey, Kelsey Ann Events


“On the Road to Full Time made me feel how I did after watching The Wedding Planner for the first time, fully prepared to take on the excitement!”


-Katrina, Katrina Graham

I want to help. Email me & let’s chat!

I don’t know, Kat! I’m so torn.

Is this really for me!?

Hustlin' while you work that 9-5 balancing your night-dream!

I see you, girl!

Your hard work is gonna pay off - and I've got a free gift to give you an extra shot of expresso - I know tonight may be a late one.