How To Create A Sustainable Mastermind With Strategic Systems: The Systems & Workflow Magic Podcast

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How To Create A Sustainable Mastermind: The Systems & Workflow Magic Podcast

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How to Create a Sustainable Mastermind
How to Create a Sustainable Mastermind
How to Create a Sustainable Mastermind

I was so excited recently when Dolly DeLong invited me to be a guest on her podcast, The Systems & Workflow Magic Podcast, to talk all about MASTERMINDS!! Because Dolly loves to talk workflow & systems and knows that I’ve not only led a mastermind but also been a part of them, she wanted to do a deep dive in all things mastermind & I am here for it!!

If you’re not familiar with what a mastermind is, my definition is that they’re a peer-to-peer review group where a coach gives feedback. This is different from group coaching, which is like a course on steroids — following a certain pathway in a group setting. A mastermind allows for each member to have different needs and to work through them together. It allows the coach to kind of morph it a little bit into what each person needs in the program while also allowing all of the members to learn from each other — and build community and camaraderie when they are learning from each other.

I shared my story of how I got into coaching and then into leading a mastermind and we go into all the BTS details for how I make it work sustainably for my biz!! (Plus, I spill the beans about when doors will open for my next mastermind — check it out here!!) Excited to listen yet?!

In this episode you’ll also hear:

  • My journey into coaching & Masterminds
  • The systems & workflows I put into place to ensure it was sustainable
  • The priorities & experiences that shaped my approach
  • When I’m opening my doors for MY NEXT MASTERMIND!!
  • And ore!!


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