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Announcing: September One-On-Ones

If there’s one thing I love about begin a small business owner, it’s talking to OTHER small business owners!!! I LOVE building relationships with creatives of all fields, and find so much JOY in sitting down for a virtual hang-out! I put a hold on my one-on-ones for the last few months because life just […]

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The ONE THING I wish I had when I was #ontheroadtofulltime

You’re tired. Scratch that… you’re exhausted. You’ve got lists for your lists, a pile of unfinished to-do’s and it feels like balancing your day job & side-hustle will never be over. You’re unorganized, scatterbrained and you need a new system – FAST! Insert: TRELLO. The ONE THING I WISH I has when I was #ontheroadtofulltime […]

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5 Ways To Attract Your Ideal Client In The First Year

Are you struggling to attract your ideal client? Booking clients who don’t fire you up? Worried you’ll never be able to attract the client of your dreams & build a business around what you love to do?  Oh, friends. I’ve been there. I know just how you feel!! In honor of Small Business Saturday, and […]

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How to Ask a Photographer for Wedding Day Images: A wedding vendor dilemma

I keep hearing this question come up in conversations. Usually, a planner or another wedding vendor is approaching me and asking how I handle it. But in the last few weeks, I’ve had a few photographers approach me and ask me if this has happened, how often and what I do. I realized it was […]

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My Number One Tip for Wedding Planners

Wedding planners are asked to play a lot of roles during the wedding day. We act as educator, mentor, provide manual labor, handle the nitty-gritty tasks others may not want to do, and we’re usually the first to arrive and last to leave. We give our couples everything we have, and they expect nothing less. […]

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Why every wedding planner should style a photographer’s workshop shoot

Now, before all the photographers get a little annoyed – I am by NO MEANS saying that you are not capable of styling your workshop shoot!!!! I know photographers with INCREDIBLE planning and design skills who LOVE to play the role of planner during styled shoots!!!! This post is written towards planners, not photographers – […]

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