Which is one of the many reasons why entrepreneurship & I are a perfect pair.

I’ve never been one to do just one thing.

In fact, I prefer to do all the things.


My sweet assistant kindly refers to them as “Kat-sized” dreams ;) Since entrepreneurship and I become besties in 2013, I haven’t looked back. Up until then, I let fear lead the way; I lived my life unsure, afraid & uninvited. I was too much, yet not enough. I spent years searched for my “thing” and then, 

that's me.

Dreamer of big things?

this girl.

Entrepreneurship invited me in. 

It’s allowed me to use my strengths to work for me, not against me. It’s allowed me to find “my people” - like-minded women who get my multi-passionate ways. And it’s ultimately given me a space to work from a place of passion & excitement, not dread or disdain.



It’s also opened up doors I never thought possible. 

Currently, I type this from my very pink home office (Elle Woods style!), with my 2.5 year old running around singing to Elsa, and my 7 month old rolling around at my feet.

living my wildest dream, y'all.


and I believe you can too. 

You don't have to pick dreams. You are capable of creating a life YOU love, with a business that allows you to live the life you've always wanted. 

It won't be easy. But good things never are. here in this space, I'm dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

from dreaming to doing, I'm your girl.

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My multi-passionate ways took root in not one, not two, but three amazing businesses:

offering coaching, support & small biz cheerleading for women like you!

I’m the heart behind

kat schmoyer

an educational  brand that hosts one of the industry's leading conferences.

I’m the founder & host of

creative at heart

helping couples saying I Do at Big Spring Farm in Virginia.

I’m the wedding planner behind

Dear Sweetheart Events

I can't wait to see how Your multi-passionate, big dreamer ways take root! Cheering for you! 



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