Which is one of the many reasons why entrepreneurship & I are a perfect pair.

I’ve never been one to do just one thing.

In fact, I prefer to do all the things.


My sweet assistant kindly refers to them as “Kat-sized” dreams ;) Since entrepreneurship and I become besties in 2013, I haven’t looked back. Up until then, I let fear lead the way; I lived my life unsure, afraid & uninvited. I was too much, yet not enough. I spent years searched for my “thing” and then, 

that's me.

Dreamer of big things?

this girl.

Entrepreneurship invited me in. 

It’s allowed me to use my strengths to work for me, not against me. It’s allowed me to find “my people” - like-minded women who get my multi-passionate ways. And it’s ultimately given me a space to work from a place of passion & excitement, not dread or disdain.



It’s also opened up doors I never thought possible. 

Currently, I type this from my very pink home office (Elle Woods style!), with my 11 month old son crawling on the floor & a husband who’s paid a salary from the biz, too. 

living my wildest dream, y'all.


And for the first time in a long time,

my multi-passionate-doer-of-all-the-things heart feels at peace. I feel content. And whole.

I can look around at what I’m doing, and not crave more. I am so, so happy right where I am.

And that’s a beautiful place to be.

I want to take what I’ve already built & dig in deep. 

The Kat Schmoyer brand has evolved a lot since it first came to be in 2016. I’ve done the webinar-course-launches. I’ve hosted online summits. I’ve created a passive income shop. (All the while building my first two companies: Dear Sweetheart Events & Creative at Heart!)

And even though none of that is bad, perse, I’ve realized that what I want from this space now is very different from 2016. I don’t have to do “all the things” - in fact, more than ever I just don’t want to.

This brand doesn’t need six figure launches or a fancy “k” on instagram. This brand doesn’t need multiple revenue streams or a 10+ page website to show how much I’m “doing it all”. What this brand needs is:

connection with other mamaprenuers doing hard, hard work, too

lasting relationships with coaching clients making their dreams a reality

a space to share the fun, the serious & the impactful so I can look back on work & content that mattered.

Mamahood, business ownership, doing hard things … it’s all here. 

It’s a look inside my multi-passionate doer of big dreams life. 

I’m so glad you’re along for the ride! ;) 

My multi-passionate ways took root in not one, not two, but three amazing businesses:

a space where I aim to offer lifestyle encouragement for mamaprenurs & creative entrepreneurs

I’m the heart behind

kat schmoyer

an educational & encouragement brand that hosts one of the industry's leading conferences.

I’m the founder & host of

creative at heart

a company that offers custom wedding coordination for couples saying I Do at Big Spring Farm in Virginia.

I’m the wedding planner behind

Dear Sweetheart Events

here at KS you can expect

content curated to make mama life & biz life much more fun

biz tips & tricks from one entrepreneur heart to another

personal & lifestyle content peppered with products I think you’ll love

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organize daily to-do's & big biz dreams on

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big dreams & daily to-do's can work hand-in-hand. 

I'm gonna show you how!