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Contentment Challenge 2019

Well, y’all, I’m doing it again. And this time around, I’ve got a 15 pound baby boy changing my heart. In 2014, the Contentment Challenge was put on my heart for the very first time. Then in 2017, I did it again. And now 5 years after my first go-round, I feel convicted to do […]

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Contentment Challenge: February

February has officially arrived & that means Month 2 of my 6 month Contentment Challenge! (You can view more about my journey here!)  January flew by. Literally FLEW by. I was so busy I don’t think I had time to think about this challenge – that sounds terrible, doesn’t it?! In a way, it was […]

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Contentment Challenge: January

It’s here, it’s here! January 1 has arrived. It’s a gorgeous day here in lil’ ol’ Timberville, VA. Our Christmas decor might still be up, my inbox might be crazy full & my Powersheets might not be complete but you know what? It’s January 1, 2017. And that’s something worth celebrating! The Contentment Challenge is […]

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The Contentment Challenge: Guidelines & Goals

First of all, thank you so much for your response to my last post. Your kindness & love meant the world. To those of you who reached out with your own story, please know that I am thinking of you often.  As I said on Thursday, I am jumping in the Contentment Challenge on January […]

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The Contentment Challenge 2017

In 2014, during my first full year in business, I took part in the Contentment Challenge. I was first introduced to the idea of the challenge in April of 2013 by Nancy Ray (you can read her blog post here). It took me 9 months to decide that I would actually do the Contentment Challenge. As […]

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The Contentment Challenge: Recap

I’ve struggled writing this post today. I think that, honestly, ending the contentment challenge while experiencing Making Things Happen COMPLETELY rocked my world. My poor little heart didn’t know what to think!!! I learned SO MUCH about myself the last 3 months. I learned about the idols in my life, the ugly, gross things I […]

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