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ello goal-getter & dream chaser! I believe in what you're doing because I've been there too.

Your dreams matter. They’re downright terrifying… and sometimes they seem completely unrealistic and impossible to achieve. But you’ve dreamed them up in that pretty little head of yours & that's something worth fighting for. They won't happen overnight. They won’t happen in the blink of an eye. They take time, hard work & fairy dust. 

What you need is a game plan. Action steps. Real Results. Women in the same pair of leggings, using dry shampoo & trying to get it done, too. And I've got you covered with #allthethings.

I believe that stifling a dream can affect the rest of your life. Tell me: where do you want to be 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years from now? Why not start right NOW? Let's do that very thing. Together. 


Looking for a wedding planner specific workshop? Ready for no-fluff content taught by wedding planners, for wedding planners? This online intensive is for you! 
Enrollment will reopen in 2018. 


Struggle to grow your small business with a 9­-5 vying for your time? Juggling family, friends, work & business? Ever thought of just calling it quits? I created this program just for you.
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- You dream all day about what could be
- You're tired of saying "no"
- You're done holding yourself back
- You're ready to START but don't know how
- You need an encourager in your back-pocket, 
giving your #realtalk for real results

I'm ready to get it done

Private coaching

I won't hold anything back, I promise. Let's make that big, bold dream a reality.

Over the last 4 years, I have built a consistent blog with content covering everything from my On The Road To Full Time journey to Miscarriage to Wedding Planning Woes. Currently I blog 4-5 times per month offering #realtalk on #allthethings. Ready to start reading? Grab a diet dr pepper & click below! 


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Searching for affordable products to make running your business a bit easier (and prettier?)? Look no more! Whether you’re a creative small business owner or wedding planner, the Shop has what you need.




Over the past 2 years, I have spoken at dozens of in-person & online events. I love sharing the nitty-gritty details of small business ownership and have several signature talks that may fit perfectly with your audience. Please email me so we can chat fully & ensure we're a great fit!! 




Honest mentorship and one on one time with servant leaders like Kat will absolutely transform your business!

I first met Kat in person as an attendee of her Creative at Heart Conference and was blown away by her dedication, encouragement and business mind. My hour long mentoring session with Kat was packed with actionable takeaways, practical advice and honesty. Most importantly, it was full of TRUST. I trust Kat with my business questions AND my personal story which directly impacts my business.

- Kinsey Roberts
Creator + Host | She Creates Business, a Podcast for Wedding Pros
Co-Founder + Marketing Director | Vista View Events



we are lucky to have a trusted friend who we can come to for advice.

Kat's bubbly personality is encouraging and inspirational. She has a workaround or an answer for every situation we've needed help with. She's been helpful and insightful as we've walked through the ins and outs of wedding planning and being a business owner. Kat is someone of character and integrity, and we are lucky to have a trusted friend who we can come to for advice.

- Bixby + Pine



I was instantly drawn to her warm personality and how openly she spoke of all the big leaps

I first met Kat Spring 2013 during the MTH Intensive, I was instantly drawn to her warm personality and how openly she spoke of all the big leaps she was taking for her business. I knew she'd be destined for great things! Since meeting her, I have had the pleasure of picking her brain, not once but twice. Each time I have walked away with actionable steps and sound business advice. Kat's transparency and no-fluff approach pave the way to an open and honest conversation intended to transform your business. Be ready to implement strategies that work and make the changes that matter most.

- Maritza Tobon | Founder of Boudoir Collective

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